Punjabi Garam Masala

A delicious and versatile masala with this recipe from Nani, a lovable genius in the kitchen. Friends and family would flock to her rasoi, drawn by the aromas to learn the secrets of her recipes. Her food, once tasted, is remembered vividly even today. This  Garam Masala mix, inspired by the beloved matriarch, is subtly spiced, and a perfect addition to nearly everything from curries and dry vegetables to pulao’s, meats and dals. It’s origins go back to the early 1900’s.

Amritsar, also called Ambarsar, the home of the Golden Temple, offers a rich, hearty and hospitable culinary tradition. The land of the grandest langar, serves up richly spiced curries, lentils, kulchas and a host of delicacies handed down through  generations.


Black Cardamom: A hearty, smoky spice, it gets its unique flavor from being dried over an open fire. It serves as an appetite stimulant and is good for respiratory and cardiac health.

Cinnamon: A sweet brown spice, derived from the inner bark of Cinnamon trees. It is an ancient spice, used for savory and sweet dishes. It has anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting health benefits.

Clove: A pungent and aromatic spice, cloves add a layered heat to dishes. They are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Cumin Seeds: With nutty and peppery flavor, cumin seeds are an Indian staple. They aid in digestion and have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Black Pepper: Subtly spicy and packing a delicate punch, black pepper adds heat to dishes. It is good for respiratory health, weight reduction and stimulates the appetite.

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