Journey So Far

Spice Inspirations
As an army child, Natasha has spent her life travelling all over India and across the globe. She began her career in the Corporate world and would perhaps have stayed the course, if inspiration had not come calling. Born into a family of die-hard food lovers, her childhood memories are scented with the aromas of her mother’s homemade spice mixes, pickles, cakes, pizzas and elaborate culinary spreads.
Meal times were always a grand occasion for the Singh family. Breakfast was a forum to discuss lunch, and lunch inevitably a good time to discuss the menu for dinner. Natasha inherited a wealth of food influences from aunts on both sides of the family, who each had their own specialties, grandmothers whose recipes were worthy heirlooms, to a mother who taught her early on, to have an adventurous palette.
Food was never hurried or taken for granted. Meals were lovingly prepared from scratch, sourcing the finest fresh and whole ingredients. Natasha grew up surrounded by the slow and delicious culinary rituals that come with fresh-ground spices being bottled and an oven kept hot from with baking. She remembers her father appreciating her mother’s cooking almost with every bite. She grew up with a sense of pride and great love for her foodie heritage, often packing extra tiffin’s for schoolmates during her growing up years.
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Pune 411038, Maharashtra, India.