All Natural | Hand Made

Our spice blends are handmade from natural ingredients, sourced whole and fresh, or forest picked, sun-dried, dry-roasted and bottled with loving care in our kitchen, to preserve their aroma. Each spice is a chronicle of our lives, carrying within it the many influences and culinary encounters that helped create it.

Who We Are

My Spice Voyage offers a unique, handmade blend of artisanal spices that draw inspiration from kitchens across India. It's a rich alchemy of spices, roasted, sun-dried, ground and mixed from her family's kitchen. Come, join us and embark on you're very own spice voyage, one spiced spoonful at a time.

Our Spice Blends

Handmade from natural ingredients.

Punjabi Garam Masala

Paschimi Tat Masala

Khandeshi Masala

Krishna Leela, A building, A-19, Kothrud
Pune 411038, Maharashtra, India.